Instantly Add Minutes to Cell Phones in Honduras

Honduras cell phones

Honduras cell phones

Cell phone providers in Honduras consist of Tigo, Claro, Digicel and Hondutel. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) service is in effect throughout the country. Edge is available in the metropolitan cities in Honduras such as Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. All cellular phones are available as prepaid cell phones. Tigo, Claro and Digicel minutes (credit) can be purchased online or at almost any corner store.

Hondutel minutes (“recarga” or recharges) are available for purchase at La Colonia supermarkets, any Hondutel branch, or at many of the Honduras banks.

Due to a Honduran law passed with the intention to hinder crime, all cell phone providers require that cell phones be registered as of June 14, 2012, or they will not function in the country.

Add Minutes to Your Cell Phone

You can instantly add minutes to cell phones in Honduras by connecting with Tigo, Claro or Digicel at their respective websites. Here are the cell phone providers in Honduras:

Cell Phone Providers


Claro is also known as América Móvil. If you plan to call the United States while in Honduras, a Claro prepaid cell phone is easiest. You can purchase a phone for approximately $10 and add minutes as needed. Claro offers promotions for double, triple, and quadruple minutes (saldo) on certain days, and those bonus minutes can be used to call the United States as well. Texting can be more pricey than calls, so check the cost before messaging.


Tigo Mobil Services (formerly Telefónica Celular, S.A. – CELTEL) provides an internet modem which most consider to be the best for reception. It costs roughly L700 or about $38 at the Tigo store, and one month internet runs about L500 or roughly $27. There are other packages available depending on usage, for instance, if may want more than the basic plan if you use Skype or repeatedly download large files.


Digicel is owned by Claro, but operates independently. Digicel offers free text messages (up to 100 per month) to any Digicel cellular phone if you use Digicel’s website to send the message. This service is exclusively for Digicel customers to send messages to other Digicel customers. The first time you use the service you will need to register. When you register, the system sends you a message with your password. You can change your password at any time. (If you forget your password, go to the login page, enter your Digicel number, and the system will send you a message with your password.) To protect your privacy, your password is stored in a secure database that agents can not access. Once registered, you can enter your Digicel number and your password at any time to send messages.


Hondutel is owned and operated by the Honduran government.
(With over 14 million registered Cell phones in the country Tigo and Claro the main cell phone providers, should be very happy. Especially considering the enormous amounts of SMS messages they send all day every day to their users enticing them to unnecessarily spend money on anything from submitting their opinion in a poll, to downloading ringtones – an unfair practice, given many poorer Hondurans are unaware they are being charged for the service.)

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