Hondurans Celebrate National Flag Day

Flag Day, in Honduras, is September 1st.  It begins a month of independence celebrations across the nation. This year, the national holiday in Honduras commemorates the 192nd anniversary of the Independence of Central America from the Spanish Crown.

The raising of the Honduras national flag at Democracy Square in Tegucigalpa.

The raising of the Honduras national flag at Democracy Square in Tegucigalpa.

Therefore, yesterday began with a tribute to the national flag. The ceremony began with the entrance of representatives of the three powers of government, led by the presidential designee (Vice President), María Antonieta Guillén, who was joined by the Vice President of the National Congress, Ramón Velásquez Nazar, and Judge Catherine Chang of the Supreme Court of Justice. The group proceeded through a line of cadets of the General Francisco Morazán military school. The military hoisted the flag of Honduras in Tegucigalpa’s Democracy Square, marking the official start of the celebration of 192 years of Independence.

honduras vice president on flag dayThe Presidential Designee addressed the crowd, and emphasized Hondurans’ respect for the flag, the values ​​of national identity, and our independence, which is shared with Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua from Spain on September 15, 1821.

“The month of the motherland should serve to unite the Honduran family and to remember that action must always be in accordance with permanent thinking. All are children of her and only the union will make them strong and free,” said the high official.

The event was attended by other officials of the Government, Parliament, the Supreme Court, diplomats, soldiers, and school children.

Tributes like this were held across all municipalities and military establishments of Honduras, as citizens came together to honor the Honduran national flag.

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