Honduran President Defies Constitutional Law

Honduras Council of Ministers Meeting

Honduras Council of Ministers Meeting where President Lobo stated he will not follow the Constitution regarding the 2014 budget.

The President of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, said at the Council of Ministers meeting this week, that the government will present to Parliament, the General Budget of Revenues and Expenditures for the country for 2014, after the election on November 24, 2013 and not in September, as is dictated by Honduran law.

“We will not present a budget (the law says that by September 15th, we will present it in a sealed envelope that cannot be opened), because the budget should be discussed after the elections, because this Government is not going to decide what the new Administration has as its priority, and its budget decisions,” President Lobo explained in an Executive Statement.

President Lobo insisted that as it will be a transitional year, in which his administration will only hold office for 27 days of that year, it only makes sense that the new government officials have a say in where the money is to be directed. He added that the Constitution does not address the issue of the change of administrations every four years.

Additionally, President Lobo directed Carlos Borjas Castejón, the Minister of Finance, to be certain that the website did not reflect that the 2014 Budget had been approved by the Council of Ministers, as it has not. For transparency, the President said that he will answer questions on the matter, and that the website was to remove any mention of the passing of a budget for 2014.

In November, roughly 5.3 million Hondurans will elect a successor to the President, three Presidential Appointees, 128 Members of Congress, 20 persons for the Central American Parliament and their alternates, and 298 heads of municipal corporations (Mayors).

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