Honduran Pineapple Vinegar

Recipe and Preparation

Pineapple vinegar popular in Honduras Perfect for salads and pickles.

Honduran Pineapple Vinegar

Honduran Pineapple Vinegar

1 pineapple
3 / 4 cup brown sugar
4 cups water

Peel the pineapple and cut the rind into small squares.
Wash a large pot with hot water and soap to clean it with water.
Add the chunks of pineapple peel, brown sugar and water, and stir
well with a spoon or clean, to dissolve the sugar.
Cover the pot with plastic wrap and cover with the lid of the pot, place
in a warm dark place for 4-6 weeks.
The liquid is first going to get as dirty and brown, you pass the
Weather is going to establish solid and the liquid will become apparent.
When the liquid is clear, strain it with a blanket, very fine sieve or the
bag of coffee brew.
Place in a pot in a cool, dark place.

After that vinegar is strained and saved, sometimes a mass develops
gelatinous, sometimes fleet and other rests, this is called mother of vinegar
and not harmful.
If you make a new vinegar, be sure to include some of the “mother” to
make more vinegar and make it faster.

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