Honduran Journalists Day – 2013

The 25th of May we celebrate “Día del Periodista Hondureño”, or “Day of the Honduran Journalist” (Honduran Journalists Day).

Honduran Journalists Day - Fidelina Sandoval

Honduran Journalist Fidelina Sandoval

We live in an age where information is power, and citizens need accurate, timely, independent sources one can trust. A free and responsible press is an essential component of a democratic society, and plays a crucial role in ensuring that ideas can flow freely through society.

Even on this Honduran Journalists Day, there are threats against members of the media. Too many crimes against journalists and other citizens go unresolved or unpunished. Editors hesitate to post stories, journalists receive many threats, are attacked, and some are even killed. It is crucial that Honduran authorities thoroughly and swiftly conduct investigations and bring the perpetrators of all such crimes to justice.

Let us use this Honduran Journalists Day to encourage both the government and society to find better solutions to the grave problems facing our country, and the safety of Hondurans who report these events.

Journalists of Honduras, we thank you for your brave and steadfast efforts to keep the citizens of Honduras and visiting foreigners well informed.

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