Honduran Art Exhibit at Central Bank of Honduras

For the first time twenty years, an institution in San Pedro Sula has managed to bring together works of nine Honduran artists, and most importantly, to share this cultural event openly with children and adults.

Cesar Milla, Andrés Enrique Pacheco and Antonio Vinciguerra, three of the nine artists involved in the exhibition.

Artists featured include Alan Roldan Caicedo, Andrés Enrique Pacheco, Antonio Vinciguerra, César Milla, José Manuel Pérez, Sergio Sabillón, Rolando Rodriguez Cortes, Rafael Chinchilla and Marco Antonio Rietti.

Painter Antonio Vinciguerra, who creates works with blended roofs on homes in western towns, the colonial domes of churches left by the Spanish, and women potters, was at the opening on Monday.

Honduran Artists at Central Bank of Honduras“I always try to work with representations of the Lenca culture,” Vinciguerra explained. “The beautiful things of our culture tend to disappear, and we rescue them. The color of the Lenca culture is special, although I do work with other themes because I try to be versatile.”

The event at the Fasquelle Daisy Bonilla museum is being held for four weeks. The museum is inside the Central Bank of Honduras, located on Fifth Avenue, between Second and Third Street in downtown San Pedro Sula. Visitors are welcome between 9 am and 4 pm. Admission is free.

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