Hendry Thomas Scores First MLS Goal

Honduran soccer superstar, Hendry Thomas, scored his first MLS goal from a penalty kick after teammate, Casio, was fouled by a Timbers defender inside the penalty area. His composure and experience were at test as he was called upon to confront the opposing goalie at the box. The Colorado Rapids Midfielder approached the penalty set with confidence; struck the ball with his right foot, Timbers goalie, Ricketts, leaped  towards his right as the ball screamed past the goal line on his left side. His goal stretched the Rapids’ lead to 2-0 over the Portland team. Hendry followed his penalty kick with a celebration to match his cool. He ran to the corner flag and proceeded to celebrate his goal with what I like to call, Sabrosura Catracha, a little “Punta”, the traditional dance of our beloved Garifuna culture. In my opinion, that’s the equivalent to proudly waving the Honduran flag in the sky. Now that’s a CATRACHO at heart! Unfortunately, the Timbers used the second half to even the game, finishing 2-2 when the final whistle was blown. With only five games into the season, there is still hope for the Rapids to compete for a playoff spot and make a run for the tittle.

After the game, Thomas updated his Facebook profile, dedicating his goal to, “God, because without him, nothing is possible.” “Family, because they are there though the good and the bad” and “all my Honduran people that wish me well and always message me with positive vibes.”

Hendry Thomas scores first goal for Colorado Rapids

Honduras.com joined Honduran superstar, Hendry Thomas, in celebrating his first MLS goal with a little “Punta”

Hendry, we look forward to celebrating many more Major Soccer League goals and we’re cheering for you to win an MLS title!


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