Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teachers Day!
September 17th is Teacher’s Day in Honduras, and celebrated by thousands of teachers across the country.

This date commemorates a famous, respected Honduran teacher, Jose Trinidad Reyes Day of the Teacher, and signifies the foundation of Honduras’ National University.   Jose Trinidad Reyes is one of Honduras’s national heroes, and was the first rector of the National University in 1847.  He was a priest who fought for the right to teach, something prohibited at that time.

Teachers Day in Honduras

Teachers Day in Honduras is celebrated on September 17 every year

All over the country, Hondurans are conducting various programs recognizing the great contribution of educators. Like in other countries of the world, the most notable of activities are the student’s preparation of appreciation cards to be given to their favorite teachers. The cards are traditionally hand made, and effective in showing a student’s gratitude. Teachers love to read the greetings, encouragements, and appreciation for their special contribution to society.

Many universities allow teachers to have a getaway from the four-cornered classroom, and recognize their professors by treating them to lunches and dinners. Special parties are held in classy hotels in town, and teachers are given special awards, and treated to the best delicacies the country has which are normally reserved for visiting dignitaries.

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Honduras.com thanks all the teachers who work diligently to prepare our next generation. The knowledge and skills their students gain will ultimately ensure that the country of Honduras has a strong, long, lasting future.

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