Guaymoreto Lagoon Wildlife Reserve

Guaymoreto Lagoon Wildlife Reserve by Arturo Sosa

Guaymoreto Lagoon
Photo by Arturo Sosa

Located just east of the Bay of Trujillo, and actually flowing into the Bay of Trujillo, the Guaymoreto Lagoon Wildlife Refuge offers a unique and worthwhile setting. It is administered by Fucagua (, whose offices are located in the Barrio Jerico, on the main road leading into Trujillo after the detour on highway CA-13 that connects La Ceiba with Puerto Castilla. Their telephone is (504) 2434 4294, Email is

Guaymoreto Lagoon has a total extension of 44 square kilometres, and up until recently, its access was quite difficult.  A new tourism investment in the area, however, has just opened its doors and is now offering a variety of services, including boat tours into the lagoon itself.

The lagoon can be clearly seen from the bridge on the main road leading towards Puerto Castilla. If you are arriving by road, just before Trujillo you will find a detour from the main road that actually ends at Puerto Castilla. Instead of going to Trujillo, continue on toward the port facility, and you will almost immediately come up to a bridge over the mouth of the lagoon. From here, you can enjoy lovely views of the canals leading into the Lagoon, which are heavily forested with mangroves and provide a very tropical look to the Guaymoreto Lagoon Wildlife Refuge.

The entrance to the Desarrollo Ecoturistico Guaymoreto is just past the bridge on the left hand side. Facilities include cabins, a canopy tour, and an elevated wooden pathway adjacent to the mangrove canals, with a dock where you can board your boat for a tour of the lagoon. For more information call (504) 2434 4269.

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