Good News for Honduran Farmers

Struggling Honduran farmers received some good news this month: their exported products are in demand; now more than ever before.

Banana exports from Honduras earned 195.2 million dollars the first half of 2011, according to the Central Bank of Honduras’s general report on the foreign trade of goods. This represents a 20% growth in comparison with the previous year.

The same report outlines that Honduras’s exports of palm crude oil earned 67.9 million dollars. This represents a growth of 17.2% since last year, and an amazing 40% growth over the past two years.

Tilapia farmers are also doing well.

Honduras brought in 30 million dollars from nearly 4.5 million kilograms of tilapia fillets that were exported to to the United States (U.S.) the first half of 2011. The expectation for the end of this year is for Honduras to export 8.6 million kg of tilapia fillets to the U.S. for 60 million dollars, a 12 percent growth.

According to the data provided by the Central Bank of Honduras, in 2010 tilapia fillet exports accounted for 57.1 million dollars.

If expectations are realized, Honduras will displace Ecuador as a major exporter of tilapia fillets to the US. Currently, the U.S., Switzerland, Guatemala and El Salvador are the main destinations for fresh tilapia fillets from Honduras.

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