Getting to the Utila Cays

Getting to the Utila Cays and Utila South Shore in Honduras is easy and fun. One option is to go to either Morgans dock, next to the municipal dock, or to Paradise Divers dock and speak to one of the boat Captains there, usually Mr. Donald, a pretty white dory, or Mr. Herman a dark blue dory will be more than happy to take you down in just about any weather.

Mr Donald usually makes two trips a day and can be reached at (8800-4133) or Mr. Herman from the Cay View Restaurant at (3333-0206).

Other choices include Bush’s Charters at (2425-3147) which you can also contact and meet at Utila’s premier super market on main street “Bush’s Super Market”, Barry Jackson from the Cays (3298-6832), Mr. Jim from Sandy Bay (…) or Mr. Austin from the gas station in Sandy Bay (…….) Mr Austin has been doing this for many many many years and is a very entertaining fellow.

Also many of the dive shops do Water Cay trips where they stop in the Cays for lunch. For large groups 15+ you can also give Sebastien a call at (3218-7729) and take a ride on his fancy custom made boat that can be converted from a ferry to a dive boat to a full french restaurant for a sunset dinner at sea.

A trip to the Cays is like stepping back in time to how the Caribbean used to be with opportunities to visit an authentic fishing village and purchase some fresh fish, or just to stroll around and talk with the friendly locals, and have a bite to eat, an experience that I never tire of. This is where it all began for Utila with the first settlers arriving on the Cays over 150 years ago. Come and relax with us and make some new friends.

Water Cay Utila

Water Cay Utila

Utila Honduras Snorkeling

Utila Honduras Sorkeling


Utila Honduras Coral Reef

Utila Honduras Coral Reef


Utila Cay Ferry Captain Tattoo

Typical Utila Cays Ferry Boat

Treasure beach at Utila Honduras Cays

Treasure beach at Utila Honduras Cays

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Utila Map

Utila visual Street Map, Travel Tips and Travel Guide

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