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Getting to Honduras is quite easy, there are four international airports operating in the country: the most frequently used airport is the San Pedro Sula airport, which has regularly scheduled service from New York, Miami, Houston, Atlanta and Mexico City in North America. Non Stop service from Belize City, Guatemala City, Panama City and San Jose, Costa Rica is also available. The following airlines operate daily into San Pedro Sula: Aeromexico, American Airlines, Avianca Taca, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Tropic Air and United Airlines.

Honduras Map

Map of the Country of Honduras

Toncontin International Airport in Tegucigalpa is the second busiest airport in Honduras, and is serviced by the same airlines except for Aeromexico, Spirit and Tropic Air.

Because of the huge network that American Airlines and United Airlines both have within the USA, it is really easy to get to Honduras from any city in the USA or Canada using the Miami or Houston hubs that the above airlines have. The same can be said from Central and South America; Copa Airlines has an extensive network of flights to multiple destinations via their hub in Panama City, and Avianca Taca has the San Jose, Costa Rica and San Salvador hubs with excellent connections throughout the Americas.

In addition, there is an international airport in Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands, which has scheduled non stop service by American Airlines and Avianca Taca from Miami, United and Avianca Taca from Houston and Delta from Atlanta.

Honduras Flights at La Ceiba Airport

Flights from La Ceiba Airport on the North Coast of Honduras can get you to the Bay Islands of Utila, Roatan and Guanaja in less than a half hour.

Finally the international airport in La Ceiba has regularly scheduled service from the Cayman Islands via Cayman Airways.

If you are traveling by land, Honduras has official border crossings with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

There are three official borders between Honduras and Guatemala: El Florido, which is only 12 kilometers from the Mayan Ruinas at Copan is the most frequently used border crossing by tourists. The two other options are the Agua Caliente Border, which is close to the Guatemalan City of Esquipulas and crosses into Honduras via Ocotepeque, and the Corinto border, which is close to the Caribbean Coast on the road between Puerto Barrios in Guatemala and Puerto Cortes in Honduras. If you are planning to visit the ruins at Copan, the El Florido crossing is your best option, however if you are traveling from Guatemala to the Caribbean coast of Honduras, the Corinto crossing is the fastest.

There are two border crossings from El Salvador to Honduras, El Poy that is located close to Ocotepeque is your best option if your destination is San Pedro Sula, Copan Ruinas or the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. El Amatillo is located along the Pacific coast and is your best option if your destination in Tegucigalpa or if you are traveling towards Nicaragua and beyond.

Between Honduras and Nicaragua you have three distinct options. The most used route is via Danli to the Las Manos border crossing. This border takes you across the border towards the cities of Esteli and Managua. This is the shortest route between San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa and Managua.

The other two options are along the pacific coast the Guasaule border crossing and La Fraternidad – El Espino. Of the two, the one with more traffic is La Fraternindad – El Espino, that is the  Pan American Highway only 12 km past San Marcos de Colon, a lovely picturesque town up in the mountains. The last option is the Frontera Guasaule, the advantage with this route is that you stay clear of the mountains along the Pacific coastal plains. This route takes you past the colonial cities of Chinandega and Leon in Nicaragua, and therefore is the perfect route if you are looking to stop at these cities during your travels in Nicaragua.

Hedman Alas First Class Service by Land in Honduras

Hedman Alas First Class Service by Land in Honduras also offers service to Honduras from Guatemala City and Antigua, Guatemala

There are several Central American Coach Operators that provide regular scheduled services between the capital cities in Central America. Hedman Alas, a Honduran company provides service from San Pedro Sula, via Copan Ruinas to Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala ( ). King Quality, a Salvadoran company has daily non stop service between San Salvador and Tegucigalpa and from San Salvador to San Pedro Sula ( ).  Transnica, a Costa Rican company offers daily service between Tegucigalpa and Managua with a continuation on the same day to San Jose, Costa Rica. ( ) Transnica offers the only same day bus service between San Jose, Costa Rica and Tegucigalpa, Honduras and vice versa! Last, but not least, Tica Bus offers daily service From San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa to Managua, where after an overnight you can continue to San Jose Costa Rica and Panama City on the next day. (

Finally, there is a regularly scheduled ferry service between Placencia in Belize and Puerto Cortes. The D Express ( ) operates once a week each way, with departures from Placencia, Mango Creek and Independence in Belize to Puerto Cortes on Fridays and the return trip from Puerto Cortes to Belize is on Mondays.

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