Georgia Students Return to Honduras on Medical Mission Trip

Nineteen Georgia College and State University nursing students and professors are heading to Honduras on a medical mission trip Saturday.

Georgia College and State University Nursing Students and Professors Volunteer in Honduras

Georgia College and State University Nursing Students and Professors Volunteer in Honduras

“We will be treating mostly women and children in the Agalta Valley,” said Dr. Sallie Coke.

She said they got more than $20,000 donated in medical supplies and funds to the group. “Some of the things that we’ll be carrying with us, we have all kinds of blood pressure cuffs, we have syringes, suturing equipment,” said Coke.

Each student’s bag can’t weigh over 50 pounds, 35 of that is medical equipment. “So they’re having to do a lot of putting their own clothing in backpacks, to be able to carry, so that they can fit everything into the suitcase,” said Coke.

They also traveled to Honduras last year, where they treated all sorts of ailments. “Horrible fungal infections, tropical diseases like Dengue Fever and Leishmaniasis, and then we saw the very common things,” said Coke.

Not only do they treat disease, they have to protect themselves from it. “Mosquito-borne illnesses are the greatest threat to us, and that’s your Dengue and Malaria. All of us are on preventative Malaria medications,” she said.

They’ve also packed bug spray, lots of oral care products and enough vitamins to give each person they see three months worth.

Students said they are exited for the new adventure. “I’m going into it with a really open mind. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m gonna be ready for anything – I hope,” said Autumn Lucas.

“I love to help people which sounds extremely cliche. But especially in situations like this where people don’t have the supplies, and don’t have the healthcare that we have. To be able to provide that to them is an amazing opportunity,” said Emily Larsen.

For safety, they’ll have a security team with them as they travel around the country.

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