Scuba Diving – Fish ID Challenge

Do you love Scuba Diving and/or Snorkeling as much as we do? How well do you know the local marine life? We’re putting your knowledge to the test with our Fish ID Challenge! Is it a Drum Fish, Scrawled File Fish, Tobacco Fish, Goat Fish, Scorpion Fish, Hawksbill Turtle or a Green Turtle? You decide! Thriving corals and marine bio-diversity make the Bay Islands and North Coast renown Scuba Diving destinations. Join us on our underwater adventure as we explore dive sites around Utila, Roatan, Guanaja, Cayos Cochinos and the North Coast in search for cool finds. Our staff will highlight commonly seen fish, creatures, and corals as we descend into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. It’s your job to tell us what we found. If you have any images or video of local marine life and would like to challenge our staff and readers, we accept! Send it to us and you may be featured in our Scuba Diving section for our next challenge. These fish were SPOTTED at Lighthouse Reef, one of Roatan’s most popular dive sites. If you see one of these, keep your eyes peeled for a second as they usually travel in pairs. Lighthouse reef is commonly visited during PADI Open Water Courses and night dives due to it’s easy dive profile. Do you know what species this is?

This clip features three popular fish finds; one is spotted, the second loves the spotlight and the other is a beauty. We captured this video at Fish Den, a gorgeous dive site situated a few minutes away from Half Moon Bay. Natural sunlight poking through the surface illuminates the shallow reef and allows for vivid photos and video. As you can see from the clip, they are not threatened by each other and sometimes feed in the same area. Do you know what species they are?

If you’re an underwater photography enthusiast, make sure to visit this dive site while visiting Roatan. You’ll see many different species and if you have the eye for it, you’ll spot a variety of macro creatures. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be giddy over all the macro photo opportunities.

We found this little guy in Half Moon Bay

We spotted this sea creature off a dock in West End

This isn’t much of a challenge! I sincerely hope that every ocean lover has an opportunity to see one of these in action, if you see one, you’ll probably see two as they are usually spotted with a partner nearby. Do you know what marine creature this is?  Give us the answer on our Facebook Page

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