Fire Truck Being Auctioned for Honduras Orphanage

The fire truck that local residents may have seen parked at The Brambles on Main Street in Mathews, Virginia recently is being auctioned to benefit a boys’ orphanage in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.


A fire truck is being auctioned off to raise funds for orphans in Honduras. Along with members of their church, Living Waters at Dutton, Mary and Clyde Forrest of Mathews, shown here, are participating in an upcoming mission trip to Honduras. All funds raised from the sale of the truck and other fundraising efforts will be spent on the orphanage and on the families of patients at a nearby hospital, said Mary Forrest, adding that none of the money will be used to fund travel expenses for the missionaries.
Photo by Sherry Hamilton – Gazette Journal, Mathews, Virginia

The call-in auction is very informal, said Brambles owners Clyde and Mary Forrest, who are coordinating the sale. Anyone wishing to bid should call 725-4990 between now and Oct. 15 and leave their name, telephone number, and bid offer. On Oct. 15, the highest bidder will be notified.

Mary Forrest said the 1973 diesel truck with a 500-gallon tank and a 2,000-gpm deck gun just needs a battery and it’ll be good to go.

Formerly owned by the volunteer fire department in Hampden Meadows, Rhode Island, the truck was obtained several years ago by Tim and Ingrid Carter of Honduras. Since then, it has been used by Living Waters Church of God at Dutton for the church’s annual fall harvest fair.

Tim Carter’s parents, Lou and Virgie, are Gloucester residents and members of the church, along with the Forrests, and the four of them and nearly a dozen other church members are planning a mission trip to visit the orphanage in Honduras next month. The younger Carters told the team to sell the truck for as much money as they could get and use the proceeds to benefit the orphanage.

Hogar de Ninos Senderos de Amor - Honduras - Orphanage

Fire Truck Being Auctioned for Honduras Orphanage
Hogar de Ninos Senderos de Amor – Honduras – Orphanage

None of the money from the sale or from other fundraising efforts will be used to fund travel expenses for the missionaries, said Mary Forrest. All of it will go to support the Hogar de Niños Senderos de Amor (Paths of Love Children’s Home).

Forrest, who is in charge of the church’s mission programs, said the orphanage is very dear to her heart. When searching last year for a project to fund in Honduras, she said, the older Carters had asked social services in the Central American country for the neediest orphanage, and they were told that Senderos de Amor was “floundering badly.” There was no running water, and there were no working showers or toilets for the 40 boys who lived there.

SOURCE: Gazette Journal

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