Feria Juniana San Pedro Sula – June Fair in San Pedro Sula Honduras

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Feria Juniana San Pedro Sula Honduras 2013The June fair in San Pedro Sula boasts fireworks, carnivals, cultural events, float parades and much more.  San Pedro Sula this month is celebrating the 477th anniversary of the city.

All of this is coordinated by the “Feria Juniana 2013″ (June Fair 2013) Committee, and takes place every year.

The inauguration of the fair at the beginning of the month was held in the Central Park of San Pedro Sula, where several national artists presented their music. The president of the June Fair Committee, Aroldo Salguero, said that they will continue with the tradition of the previous years that focused on the art and culture of Honduras.

He also said that the June Plaza (Plaza Juniana) is located as it is every year, in the installations of the 105th Infantry Brigade. He clarified that the facility will not allow gambling of any kind in any of the installations around San Pedro Sula, as it is prohibited by the Municipality of San Pedro Sula.

San Pedro Sula Honduras - Feria Juniana Queen

San Pedro Sula Honduras – Feria Juniana Queen at Tele Progreso Studios

Schedule of Upcoming June Fair Events:

Tuesday 18 – El Burrito and his Family Band, and the group “Kazzabe”.
Wednesday 19 – Songs of the Street group, and Punto Clave
Thursday 20 – Misael Ortíz and his group, and The Grand Band.
Friday 21 – Swing and Taste Group, and “Chicas Roland”.
Saturday 22 – Black Devils, Warocks, Union Rock and Group Fylo.
Sunday 23rd – Traditional games, Municipal Marimba Provision, and “Chicas Zambat”.
Opening celebration of the 2013 June Fair in San Pedro Sula.

Opening celebration of the 2013 June Fair in San Pedro Sula.


On Thursday,  June 27, 2013, there will be a “Carnival in the Square” with a variety of groups livening up  the night.

Saturday, June 29, 2013, the great San Pedro Carnival presents “Alexis & Fido” in the Plaza Juniana, at the  105th Infantry Brigade.

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