Experience The Sounds of Nature in Central America

Modern day comforts are not only taken for granted, we have become so attached to them that we lose contact and miss the opportunity of enjoying nature and simply relaxing to the soothing sounds of it. Although television, internet and all of the modern gadgets are helpful in our daily lives, the truth is that we have become totally detached from simple, down to earth living. Stress, yes that nasty word that has become all too common in our daily lives, takes away the pleasures of life and has become all too dominating in our daily routines. This is one of the reasons that we seek to enjoy a vacation, to disconnect ourselves from our daily routines, and allow us, if only for a few days, to come back into contact with nature.

Listen to the sounds of nature while standing at the edge of Honduras’ largest waterfall, Pulaphanzak.

Seeking for the perfect destination to spend our prized and preciously scarce vacation time has become a difficult task. Every day we hear of new, glitzy resorts, and fancy destinations that are all competing for our holiday time. Of course the most famous of all, specially for the young crowd is the beach; sea and sand have a magic allure that attracts many young vacationers who are looking to party, meet other young folks and forget about their daily tasks at home. However, many middle aged and senior folks are looking for vacations that can soothe their souls and there are few places around the world that fit into that category.

Central America is one, however, and has many, many different options that fall into this category. Although modernization has come to all big cities in the region, the truth is that life in the smaller villages and towns is still as down to earth as it was a century ago. Small cities and towns where there is plenty of respect for persons, whether local or visitors, where life still is in touch with nature and the old farming ways. Where instead of having a bottled drink, you enjoy a fresh fruit juice or smoothie with an authentic taste. Were tropical fruits abound, and you will be amazed at the variety of flavors and fruits you did not even dream existed.

The Central American Toucan can be seen and heard throughout the River Cangrejal Watershed of La Ceiba, Honduras. A pleasant sound to wake up to while vacationing in the abundant nature of Pico Bonito National Park.

Where you can hear the water flowing down huge boulders, running towards the sea, with tropical white water fish fighting to go against the current and reach the headwaters of the river. Best of all, the water is clear, and believe it or not, has a very pleasant temperature, because it is not runoff of snow or ice, it is born high in the tropical mountains from fresh natural water springs.

Best of all, Central America is so close to the USA, that it will take you between 2 and 4 hours of travel time from any of the mayor gateway cities to the region. If you are looking for a laid back, natural, authentic destination to enjoy, I fully recommend Honduras and Nicaragua, these two lovely and unique countries have many different options for you to enjoy. Honduras, for example, offers the charm of a small Caribbean  town in the Island of  Utila, here, people still walk on the pedestrian streets, smile at each other and greet tourists, who in the end are nothing more than friends visiting their island. Small colonial towns, such as Copan Ruinas, Santa Rosa de Copan and Gracias offer the charm of colonial buildings, cobble stoned streets, lively markets with fresh produce and best of all really friendly people. If you are looking for nature, the Cangrejal River, which flows into the Caribbean and divides the city of La Ceiba in two, offers unique access to trails in the dense tropical rain forest, outstanding bird watching, some of the best white water rafting in Central America and friendly people. There are at least 8 little hotels and lodges along this truly scenic river, all located within 6 miles from the city of La Ceiba. All of them are unique, and have their own charm. La Villa de Soledad is one of these unique lodges, and offers 5 lovely rooms, each with a private bath with hot water, ceiling fans, direct access to porches and gardens with hammocks that are perfect to relax in and enjoy the sounds of nature, read your book or simply doze off and enjoy a typical Central American siesta! Owned and operated by a Mexican Honduran family, English is spoken perfectly and hospitality is a way of life, you will feel as if you are visiting friends and surely have a great time doing so. Despite its remote, jungle location, high speed internet access is available at La Villa de Soledad at no extra cost!

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