ESPN Says Honduras National Team not World Class! Honduras vs Mexico 2013

Last week the famed ESPN reporter, David Faitelson, chatted with a Honduran journalist about the upcoming soccer match on Friday March 22, 2013 between Honduras vs Mexico in the World Cup qualifying.

It’s going to be a complicated match, Faitelson said about the upcoming match, “Honduras just beat the USA, but I believe that this match will be evenly matched, the result remains open. If Mexico shows the character or ambition they didn’t show in their match against Jamaica, it can be a game where they can win, lose or tie; no matter what happened against Jamaica, the results were final and so they remain.” Referring to the past Mexico – Jamaica game in which they tied 0-0.

Honduras National Soccer Team - Selección Catracha de Honduras

Honduras National Soccer TeamSelección Catracha de Honduras.
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Tuesday October 15th 2013
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In Brazil!
Honduras vs Bring em on!!!

Talking about the weather conditions in San Pedro Sula Honduras, he said that it was a complicated schedule, but that Mexico will take every chance they have, “in the field you win for being the best at futbol, it’s not about weather or persons cheering or a few stones thrown at the Mexican bus. If Mexico gets the three points it’s going to be because they have the elements to play against anyone and get three points off anybody.”

Going to San Pedro Sula with the weather conditions being whatever they are it’s not like going to the Bernabéu and playing against Real Madrid or against Spain; or going to Brazil to play in the Maracaná,  or going to the Allianz Arena in Germany or to the Monumental River in Argentina, it’s just going to play against Honduras in San Pedro Sula, who have a limited futbol history.

Faitelson ended his interview with “Mexico may lose, win or tie, but with all due respect, going to Honduras and getting a tie is not interesting business, Honduras is not a world power. Mexico will go with the mindset of taking a win”.

Now Come on Catrachos! Can you believe this is what ESPN thinks of us?

Honduras National Team is not World Class?

Give me a break! WE qualified for the World Cup in South Africa and Honduras beat SPAIN!!! In the Olympics in London 2012.

Our Honduras Soccer Players are key soccer players of teams around the world!

We WON against the USA not because of the weather being too hot in San Pedro Sula when we played the USA. Our Honduras National Team ( La Seleccion ) has superstars that play in teams around the world, and they played the best soccer match against the USA. Plus, lets not forget they got to do that at HOME because WE won the CONCACAF in 2012.

Okay, I guess time will tell.  See you at the game on Friday March 22, 2013. Here is a bit of history about our Honduras National Team.

Plus, how dare you say that about us the fans, or as we call ourselves “La Garra Catracha“.

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Honduras Soccer Players Start early in life to become Super Stars!

Honduras Soccer Players Start early in life to become World Class Super Stars!


Follow the game with us: Honduras vs Mexico 2013

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  1. Carlos Melgar Maneuver  March 7, 2013 at 10:55 am

    Faitelson trying to get under people’s skin. Typical rubbish reporting.

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