Easter Vacations in Honduras

Honduras is a predominantly Catholic country, and although other Christian churches have made many inroads in the country, the Catholic Church is still by far the largest church in Honduras.

By tradition, Easter Week has always been a holiday in the country, much like it is in the rest of Latin America. Originally, the holiday was meant to be a time of meditation and prayer; however this has changed over the years. There are two main reasons for this change. First of all, this is the one time of the year when kids and parents have vacations at the same time. There is no other time in the year when this happens, and therefore families have learned to take advantage of this opportunity. The second reason has more to do with the weather! Historically, the hottest months of the year are between March and April, this is the time of the year when there is no rain  the temperature is higher and you can rely on the sun doing its job (Although in this year 2013 we got a lot of rain and very un-cooperative weather in many parts of the country :-(,!

Hondurans call this “verano” or summer time! This means that if there is anyway possible, Hondurans will find a way to the beaches or rivers where they can enjoy the sun with some water.

Easter in Honduras 2013

Easter in Honduras 2013

About Travel in Honduras During Easter

By Jonathan and the Honduras.com Team, Easter 2013

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