Credit Complaint Hotline for Hondurans

A new credit complaint hotline for Hondurans (and website) has been opened by the Honduran National Congress to allow credit card users to comment on their experiences with the companies that issue them. The comments will be taken into consideration during the preparation of draft amendments to the law regulating financial activities.
Credit Complaint Hotline
“The idea of ​​this line is that all those cardholders who are affected call and tell us their stories. This will feed a central database and give us greater clarity,” said the president of the Honduras National Congress, Juan Orlando Hernández.

A user identified as “Ruth” said: It is necessary to implement a system for people who do not pay for unemployment. I have two years of searching everywhere and I am unable to place myself.”

She adds: “The bank has harassed me in a way that put me in a state of depression; threatening to sue for fraud, when there is no such process. I fulfilled my obligations while having an income, but now I just can’t.”

The credit complaint hotline numbers are:  2220-1073, 2220-1139, 2220-1146, 2237-2864
The website is
Applicants can also write an email to

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