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The Copan ruins majestically display ancient natural culture, and the people of the town of Copan have become friendly merchants, working in an envious setting against the clear green and blue mountains.

“Copanecos” have found that delicate blend of being able to show visitors their beautiful world, without destroying that which makes it so unique. It’s an artistic town. Intricate wood and stone carvings of the ruins, the land, agriculture and animals, along with hand made leather trinkets, which are available everywhere, make excellent vacation souvenirs. The cobblestone streets and fresh tortillas being grilled on the street corners, mix with the voices of townspeople sharing the day in the town plaza. Copan is the heart of activity in north western Honduras. It is intimate, friendly and colorful: narrow streets, brightly colored buildings, numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shops make for its lively example of rural Honduras mixed with the accommodating desire for tourism.

Many hotels and restaurants are available in Copan, we have chosen to provide you with a listing and review of the Best Hotels in Copan and Best Restaurants in Copan. So you may best enjoy your Honduras travel experience. Once settled in you may wish to relax at the Best Bars in Copan.

In the time of the Maya, Copan was the Paris of the day – the artistic hub of the Maya world. Artists and art lovers will find a vacation to this town – a myriad of intersecting red-tiled rooftops, and lush mountains – has plenty to keep even modern-day travelers entertained. Copan is an interesting mix of ancient tradition and new world savvy.

Here are the places you’ll want to visit for a memorable vacation:

The Archeological Park of Copan

The Copan valley houses a quite large dignified archaeological park, in addition to smaller “zones” or sites to explore. The main park has been a wondrous source of information regarding the ancient Maya Civilization. The civilization that exalted here left behind countless treasures, many of which are loaned out on exhibits of the Maya world-wide. Side sites not to miss are “The Graves” and “The Frogs”.

Copan’s Museums

There are three museums to visit on your Copan holiday. The first is in the Copan ruins archaeological site, and contains sculptures which were removed from their original location in the park, to be protected from the elements. Additionally, there are the Copan Museum, and the House of Kinich. The Copan museum is on the main road, and holds an extensive collection of utensils extracted from the ruins. Those with young ones will appreciate the House of Kinich, a children’s museum.

The Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve

An exciting conservation project just outside Copan. See over 330 identified species of birds in the area. Visitors stroll along forest trails viewing brilliant multi-colored parrots, macaws and toucans, and other rare and endangered birds.

Estate Visits

Hacienda San Lucas and Los Sapos

An impressive local estate open to the public for dining and overnight stays. Handcrafted furniture and typical cuisine. On this estate you can see “Los Sapos” (the frogs). Los Sapos are stones sculpted by the ancient Mayans, spread out in the valley.

Finca El Cisne

Horseback riding and plantation agrotour. A working coffee plantation and horse and cattle farm.

Finca Santa Isabel

A walking tour of a coffee plantation and bird sanctuary. Ride horseback or in a funky coffee wagon to the top, and then take a walking tour down into the plantation. Guides will introduce you to an abundance of plants, over 150 species of Honduras birds, and other animal life which inhabit this area of Honduras.

Thermal Waters – Hot Springs

In the majestic mountains north of Copan (45 minute car ride), you can soak in the thermal waters naturally exuding from the earth. The park is a great way to relax during your vacation, especially after a day of touring.

Copan is a mystical place that Hondurans revere and willingly share with people from all over the world. It is a humble, safe and secure place with a prideful past. It is a society whose old world charm can still be experienced while enjoying modern-day conveniences.

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