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The colonial city of Comayagua has become a national and international draw for tourism, and is on the list of The 30 Wonders of Honduras. Each week Comayagua receives almost 200 travelers interested in its colonial heritage. It’s a fairly large city right along the main highway between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

The Comayagua travel guide can show you options for eating, resting, and enjoying the sights, so you will spend less time trying to find a hotel or restaurant when you arrive in the former capital of Honduras.

We recommend you visit Comayagua to see its many beautiful churches. The Cathedral of Saint Mary in the heart of town, and the Church of Mercy (Iglesia de La Merced), are quite popular destinations and home of the Oldest Clock in America. This Comayagua travel guide provides an in depth look at Comayagua, so you can choose that hotel, find a good restaurant, and see the Comayagua city sights.



Comayagua Honduras General Information

The original capital of Honduras and pre-Columbian center is noted for its older churches. The Cathedral of Comayagua, built in the 18th century, San Sebastian Church, from the 16th century, and Church of San Francisco, which proudly displays the oldest church bells in all of America, built in 1820. Two museums in Comayagua stand out, the Museum of Colonial Religious Art and the Archaeological Museum of Comayagua. The museum Colonial was used as the headquarters for the government in the 19th century. It contains many exhibitions of Spanish, pre-Columbian and the colonial times. There are also archeological ruins nearby in Tenampua.

Comayagua is located in the mountains, and is generally cooler than most of the other cities in Honduras. Many American retirees and expats live there, and the city hosts the US Soto Cano Airforce Base, as well as the Honduras Air Force Base of Palmerola. It has been a long time favorite choice for the home of a new International airport to replace Toncontin airport in Tegucigalpa, due to the dangers presented, in particular, for large aircraft.

Best Comayagua Hotels – Travel Review

Comayagua Hotels

Hotel Name Email Contact Information Name of Contact TelephoneNumber


Hotel Caxa Real Juan Carlos Zapata 2772-46462772-0101
Hotel Posada De Mi Viejo Byron Hernandez 2771-98132772-3131
Hotel Villa Real Tirso Zapata 2772-17519961-8384
Hotel Antigua Comayagua
Allan Martinez
Hotel Casa Grande Juan Carlos Hernandez 2772-08459926-3838
Hotel Campo de Golf Maritza Andara 2715-0116
Hotel Santa Teresa Manuel Hernandez 2772-18879950-2576
Hotel Santa Lucia Franklin Marroquin 2772-9011
Hotel Norimax Colonial Lili Galvez 2772-1703
Hotel America Inc. Maira Ochoa 2772-03609818-8780


Top Comayagua Restaurants – Travel Review

 Comayagua Restaurants


Comayagua Bars

Walking City Tour of Comayagua

Comayagua Honduras Identity Caravan 2013

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