Comayagua’s House of Culture

House of Culture of ComayaguaThe House of Culture in Comayagua is an important venue for national artists wishing to exhibit their works. Here pieces are displayed and can be sold to tourists visiting the city.

The region of Comayagua is not only a historical place, but a haven in Honduras for artists. Here, many art-loving people are dedicated to producing beautiful arts and crafts as livelihoods for their families.

According to the Director of the Culture and Tourism unit of the municipality, Rosario Alberto, the building serves as a showcase for artists to expose a wide variety of crafts. She indicated that they sell many pieces, and that tourists are enchanted by the crafts and paintings.

“Here we have paintings, books, necklaces made of coffee or recyclable paper, and lenca handicrafts, among other items”.

The House of Culture of Comayagua collaborates with unknown artists to display their creativity and open the public’s eyes to this all but forgotten world.

Alberto explained that the House of Culture also serves artists by teaching workshops. “The House of Culture promotes and strengthens Comayagua artists,” the Director said. “It is necessary to help the regional culture.”

The Director of Culture and Tourism reported that year-round workshops are given to promote the culture of inhabitants of this region. For example, they offer a marimba workshop for children to reinforce community traditions.

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