Coffee Made Happy: empowering Honduran coffee farmers

Kenco’s Coffee Made Happy programme aims to make coffee farming a profitable, sustainable and respected career choice
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Coffee Picking in Honduras is a family affair and everyone who can and wishes to work gets a job during Harvest time.
Many coffee farmers find it hard to make a good living, but the Coffee Made Happy campaign aims to change that

Coffee makes people happy: worldwide consumption has grown by 2.5 per cent every year since 2000, according to the International Coffee Organisation. But many coffee farmers find it hard to make a good living. Mondelēz International, Kenco’s parent company, believes its coffee can do more, so it created Coffee Made Happy, a programme to empower struggling entrepreneurs.

The plan is to make one million smallholder coffee farmers successful entrepreneurs by 2020 – making coffee farming a profitable, sustainable and respected career choice.

Through Coffee Made Happy Kenco will:

• Champion better agricultural practices
By training in soil nutrition, management of water and pests and replanting and rejuvenation, farmers can improve their productivity and sustain the environment.

• Equip farmers with the skills to be successful entrepreneurs
By developing book-keeping and accounting skills, farmers can run their businesses more effectively. And by setting up farmer organisations, they can share that knowledge.

• Make coffee farming attractive for future generations
The more economically sustainable farming becomes, the better a career option. Encouraging more women and young people to get involved lays the foundations for the next generation of coffee farmers.

Coffee Made Happy is all about helping make coffee farmers happy – and it builds on Kenco’s commitment to use 100 per cent sustainable sourced coffee for its European brands by 2015.

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