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Claro Honduras

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Use this handy tool to add minutes to any Claro cell phone. Simply enter the cellular phone number for cell phones in Honduras. Remember to bookmark this page (or add to your favorites) for your next Claro Recharge (Recarga). Claro also provides Internet and cable services as well as special services and VIP attention to businesses.

Instantly add minutes to Honduras Claro Cell Phones

Claro is part of the Mexican telecom group América Móvil which is one of the four largest mobile phone network operators in the world, with more than 50 million customers. It serves clients in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. Claro may mean bright, clear or of course, in both Portuguese and Spanish.

Claro Honduras Slogans
“Hablamos de todo… Hablamos Claro.” (“We talk about everything… We talk ‘Clear’ [‘Claro’].”)
“Claro que tienes más.” (“Of course you have more.”)

Claro for Business in Honduras

Claro for Business service provides the possibility of having a virtual private data network to join its affiliates anywhere in Central America, with services available in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, using the IP technology, which is flexible and more cost-effective than a traditional data network.

Sets IP connectivity between two or more points located in Central America, based on Tunneling, encryption of the information and the use of a plan private addressing IP in the Intranet of customer.

The time delay in the data transmission is considerably less than the Internet gateway, access from 64 to 2,048 Kbps speeds.

-Encryption and information tunnelig
-Scalability to much more customer sites
-Integration capability to any computer.
-Easy evolution towards services and future IP applications as networks with quality of built-in services,
-Reliable and secure network
-Easy to implement Ser vice.
-Consolidate your applications economically on a private and secure network.
-Unlimited capacity of the network.
-Availability of speeds that adjust to your volume of data transmission needs.

-Ensures the information transmitted
-As required and depending on the number of users, allows to work with standard protocols
-Versatility to make changes and adjusted to the needs of the company.
-Offers wide availability
-Reduces the investment costs.
-Interact with offices, partners, industry and customers regardless of their location or the application that is using.
-Allows us to adapt to traffic growth needs and applications with great content, you only pay for the bandwidth that you use.
-Conforms to the needs of the company from a speed of 64 to 2,048 Kbps speed.

The links of regional data, provide a platform solid and flexible prepared for future developments that is the medium for the transmission of data. A single access line that offers a world of opportunities for growth and incorporation of applications and new IP services at the regional level.

Claro Honduras Video Conferencing Services

Par to make international and local conferences video as to offer both designed product support for your connections.

It provides voice, video, and data communication at the same time.
It allows you to connect two different points in real time
Service may be provided in the client’s facilities or hotels.

Speeds up the best outlet and quick decisions, since the feedback is direct and reliable
Generates a saving of time, money spent on negotiations, paperwork, rooms, reservations and airline tickets.
You have the opportunity to apply for the service according to the needs that will arise.
Video conferencing equipment can be connected to one, two or three lines with ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) technology, each line are multiples of 64 k allows the client can communicate with one or more contacts, partners or suppliers at any time and in any place, so clearly and easily how to do it face to face.

Back Up
Provides a plan for digital back to your transmissions of data and vital business information, Telecom offers a 128 kbps link per site if the customer requires more bandwidth due to the amount of data to be transmitted should hire additional links

Claro Internet Services in Honduras

Dedicated Internet
Service that provides Internet via a dedicated link tailored to the needs of use, has 4-way IP’s public and you can add in accordance with the current rate.

This service is designed for companies that have a private data network with the infrastructure to receive the link to the Internet connection. They are companies that are part of the corporate market.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet provides a robust, flexible platform prepared for the future. This service provides a virtual private data network to link offices in any part of Honduras, using latest technology, more flexible than a traditional data network.

Provides LAN connectivity to LAN in metropolitan areas, establishing Virtual LAN (VLAN) through our national optical fiber infrastructure.

-Wireless technology point multipoint.
-Easy and quick installation.
-Access Point (Sector) AP Cluster.
-Subscriber Module (SM).
-Frequency 5.8 GHz.
-Capacity of up to 14Mbps.
-Operating range of 10 Km in line of sight (Reflector).

These are areas where there is a wireless Internet signal, will be available in public places such as shopping centres, universities, schools, airport, hotels, Cafes, etc. This service allows you to access the internet at high speeds. Using a laptop or PDA, with Wi-Fi 802.11 card x

Mobile Internet

It is designed as a product of high quality and technology that allows our customers surfing the Internet via 3 G network from anywhere.
High-speed Internet access: no longer need to be connected to the Internet in one place since with technology 3 G can connect anytime, anywhere from your computer via a 3 G MODEM.

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