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This committee was created to give our children in and on the streets an opportunity to obtain a good life and become responsible men and women in the community.

We exist through donations and volunteers, but have operational and personnel costs. Comite San Pedrano del Nino holds one annual benefit to provide funding, and relies on local institutions and individuals who donate work, foods, medicines, clothing, etc. to support our children.


Children on the streets consider us their home and their workplace. These children have suffered from every kind of abuse; drugs, extreme poverty, etc.

We have "street workers" who are professional teachers and psycologists, and whose job it is to be a friend to these children in their own environment. The end result is that these children are voluntarily helped into a normal and better way of life.


We have a building called La Posada del Niño (Children's Hostel) which serves as a shelter and half-way house for children from 4 to 14 years of age. In this "posada", we have a small informal school (recognized by the Ministry of Education), a medical clinic and pharmacy (donated by local companies) which are attended by a permanent nurse and 12 volunteer doctors of different specialities; a dental clinic (donated by the International Hospital for Children in Louisiana); a psycological clinic, a workshop for arts and crafts, dormitories, lavatories, kitchen, dining room, laundry, 2 activity rooms, and offices. Games and recreation take place outside on the park grounds.


Our facilities give us room for 30 resident children who are constantly under the care of professionals who provide them with love, guidance and discipline. We are open 24 hours. The only pre-requisite to enter is to be drug-free and disarmed. The child is never forced to enter or stay - he/she may leave whenever they want.

While these children are being coaxed to voluntarily enter and stay in the "posada", we learn of their family's situation. We work towards making it better and try to reinsert the child into his/her home. If this is not possible, we search for relatives who might want to take the child in. Should this not be possible, we then guide the child to other institutions which are more apt for his/her needs. This phase takes approximately 10 to 12 months, as we do not force any situation or change - the child must want to take this step, and the family or institution must be ready to admit him/her.

Once the child has left the "posada", we continue being his/her friend, and are trusted to be there for them. They attend local public schools, but must return to the center every Saturday with at least one parent or guardian for conferences, workshops, remedial school work, and psychological guidance.

In the 8 years we have been operating, we have helped approximately 2000 children who are now in a diferent and better life. We have had some losses also, but these make us work even harder.


SPONSORS! The children in the public schools and in our little school need materials, uniforms, shoes, socks, etc., in addition to a basket of food (bi-monthly or monthly, depending on the size of the family) so that child will not be back on the street to work. They also need transportation to or from the center every Saturday, as a means to oversee the child's situation in the family.

To sponsor a child it costs US$125.00 a year. We have local sponsors and some foreign sponsors, but need all the sponsors we can get, as there is a long waiting list. We are proud to say we have some high-school and technical school graduates who are good workers.

Our "little" school needs audio-visual materials, posters, flash cards, books in Spanish, puzzles, table games, chess, dominoes, bingo, checkers, etc. The purpose of our school is not only to provide informal schooling, but to teach and train the child to pay attention and observe class-room discipline. (Once they can master this, they will be accepted by a formal public school.) Remember, the child must want to go to school!

Our vocational manual workshop needs all kinds of materials, from needles and threads, to paints and crayons, to mechanical tools. The problem child must be busy at all times, even during recreational activities. His/her mind must be reoriented and many times, practically "reinvented" after months or years of abuse.


Hurricane mitch has multiplied the number of children in the streets. Many are homeless or have families who are still in shelters because they lost not only their homes, but the land upon which it was built. Many others come from towns who are no longer on the map, either washed away or completely covered under a mountain of dirt. Yes, Central America was badly hit, but Honduras was desvasted! Our problem has become even bigger, and we need help! We must work harder than ever before.


We need sponsors! What we can do for a child, we must do today because this child can not wait for tomorrow! US$125.00 a year can go so very very far, and mean the difference between waste and genius, living and dying! As a sponsor you will receive information, pictures, etc. of his/her progress and, once they are able, they themselves will write you.

You may send donations directly from your bank to our savings account No.50-440-6, Banco Continental, San Pedro Sula, Honduras in the name of "COMITE SANPEDRANO DEL NIÑO"


Thank you and bless you for your kindness.

Phone (+504) 557-7256 Fax (+504) 552-1209
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

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