Cayos Cochinos you can’t beat this untouched Coral Reef and snorkeling paradise!


Cayos Cochinos is actually comprised of many tiny coral islands, but when people speak of “Cayos” they are usually referring to one, or both, of the two larger islands called Cayos Grande and Cayos Pequeño (or mayor and menor). The islands of Cayos Cochinos have been declared a biological marine reserve, and access to Cayos Pequeño is restricted to scientists and volunteers associated with the caretakers, the Honduras Coral Reef Fund (HCRF).

Cayos Grande is available to tourists, and can be accessed by boat. There is a fee charged to visit Cayos Cochinos, and park rangers patrol regularly to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Those with their own boat should be aware that the waters are extremely shallow. The sensitive surrounding coral reef make anchoring illegal, however, moorings are available. Cruisers will be happy to note that Plantation Beach Resort accepts dinner reservations if you call with advance notice. The resort can be reached via radio, Skype, email, or cell phone, but be certain you receive confirmation; reception in Cayos Cochinos can be unreliable.

Activities in Cayos Cochinos include hiking to the lighthouse on Cayos Grande for a superb panoramic view, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or lounging on the beach. Travelers interested in local culture will enjoy visiting one of the smaller islands’ Garifuna fishing villages. All in all, Cayos Cochinos could be considered a vacationer’s dream.

Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos beach in Honduras

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One of the many beautiful beaches of Cayos Cochinos in Honduras.

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