Capiro and Calentura National Park

Capiro Calentura National Park in Honduras

A jungle creek in Capiro and Calentura National Park in Honduras

This park is located behind the colonial city of Trujillo, creating a spectacular setting for the city, which is tucked between the lovely Bay of Trujillo and the mountains that form the Capiro and Calentura National Park in Honduras. Its name comes from the two peaks that give the small mountain range its name, Montaña Capiro and Calentura.

The park is managed by an NGO called FUCAGUA (Fundacion Capiro y Guaymoreto) who also co manages the Guaymoreto Lagoon Wildlife Reserve. Their offices are located on the main highway leading into Trujillo at the first entrance to the airfield that works as an airport in Trujillo. (This is between the main entrance to the runway that is used to get to the Christopher Columbus Hotel and the detour towards Puerto Castilla.) The area here is known as Barrio Jerico.  Their telephone number is (504) 2434 4294. Here you can get up to date information on the different trails into Capiro and Calentura National Park, which has many small waterfalls and crystal clear creeks that flow down towards the bay.

The tallest of both mountains is Calentura, and in the old days of the cold war and Central American contras, there was a US military radar on the top of the hill. The road that leads next to the Villas Brinkley Hotel actually ends up at the top of the hill, where you have a magnificent view of the Bay of Trujillo to the North, the Aguan Valley on the south, and if the day is clear, you will see Cayos Cochinos and Roatan towards the north west, and Guanaja almost directly north, in the background past Puerto Castillo.

The road is no longer in good shape, and if you plan on driving up, you will need a four wheel drive vehicle, or better yet, a cross-country motorcycle. If you are into a good hike, you can plan on walking up, just remember to bring water and snacks, as you will climb up to just over 1200 meters above sea level (which is approximately 4,000 feet above sea level). Another nice hike option into the park is to follow the Rio Negro, Black River. The river is born up in the mountains of the park and flows down the steep slopes into the Bay of Trujillo, forming small waterfalls, and lovely natural swimming pools, all surrounded by the dense tropical jungle of Capiro and Calentura National Park. For complete information on the trails and local guides, visit Fucagua. You will find them friendly and informative.

Trujillo was the first city founded in Honduras, and it was used briefly as a port to send the silver and gold mined in Honduras back to Spain. The old road, which went by the way of a route through what today is the department of Yoro, on to Comayagua, and then Tegucigalpa, had to go over the mountains.  Due to the high humidity of the rain forest, travel was very difficult with the loaded  carriages and mules, and because of this, a road was actually paved with cobblestones to go over the mountain from Trujillo towards the center of Honduras. Parts of this old road, locally called “la culebrina”, still exist and can be visited from La Ceiba. Access to it is towards the west of Trujillo, on the road that leads towards the Garifuna Community of Santa Fe.

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