Leave California Dreaming behind and take a high energy Vacation by Traveling to the fun City of La Ceiba, Honduras

So you need a break from the city life ’cause the stresses are getting you down? Why not take an energizing occasion and visit the jungles of La Ceiba? California is a state on the southwest coast of the United States, not too far from Central America, in reality. It’s home to some of the United States most famous cities. With the intensity that comes with living in cities, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco, a rejuvenating jungle experience could be the perfect recipe to bounce back to life. California provides excellent transport options to get to some of the nature’s untouched jungles in Honduras. Every year in May 500,000 tourists visit La Ceiba where you will find those jungles to also enjoy the city’s Carnival. There is a very good reason why so many people flock to La Ceiba and return year in and year out. La Ceiba is a wonderful place for a getaway and has a reputation for being the Eco-tourism capital of Honduras.

Carnival in La Ceiba

Carnival in La Ceiba

La Ceiba is a picturesque unharmed city, located on the north coast of the country of Honduras, surrounded by jungle that will satisfy those who need to escape their regular routine. Los Angeles (L.A) is a very spread out city in California with many things that come with being an important hub of the United States. If the hustle and bustle of trying to get famous in L.A. is getting you down, a simple flight out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to San Pedro Sula (SAP) can be achieved from around 600 dollars for a round trip airfare and a total airtime of near six hours. This flight is offered with United Airlines passing through Houston. Flights are also available out of San Francisco (SFO) and this also passes through Houston also with a similar flight time to LAX but you anticipate an extra half an hour. If you would prefer to fly out of San Diego’s International (SAN), no sweat ’cause United Airlines also offers flights to San Pedro Sula from there also. In all cases the flights pass through Houston and have similar costs and airtimes. TACA Airlines also offers flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles for similar flight cost and time, although, you may want to explore which carrier offers the best price at the time of your ticket purchase. You can expect other carriers, such as American Airlines, to get you to San Pedro Sula too, although, flight routes may not always be as efficient if time is an issue. Once you arrive in in San Pedro Sula You can take a bus from there, offered with Hedman Alas upon arrival to Honduras for a cost of around 30 dollars, for the last leg of the journey to La Ceiba.

Now, if you’re not lucky enough to visit the cities in California mentioned on a regular basis you might consider taking advantage of what the cities have to offer. Just about most things you could imagine will be found in the cities and at an elite level if required. Hollywood might be something you might like to explore and see where the celebrities live or you might select to eat some good seafood in San Diego’s finest restaurants, depending on the travel route you take to La Ceiba. San Francisco is sure to offer many activities to keep you occupied before you head off to Honduras, too, if this is the travel route for you.

You can make your adventure as interesting as you like. You will have the opportunity to stop into excellent cities on the way to La Ceiba and there you will have an experience you will never forget. The cost of the trip can be kept to a minimum thanks to low travel costs and the cost of La Ceiba upon arrival is not excessive. Take advantage of the what’s on offer in La Ceiba and explore the jungles and culture that La Ceiba offers.

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