Buccaneer’s Bundu Cafe, Utila: The Pirates Sports Diner of Choice

Buccaneer's Utila Restaurant

Buccaneer’s Bundu Cafe in Utila

I first visited Buccaneer’s Utila restaurant in 2012, when my dive group of eight was looking for a feast and fancy drinks, on a not-so-fancy budget.  “Buccaneer’s” was easy to find, located on the main street, east of the ferry dock.  Word on the strip informed us of a tequila sunrise for only $2.50 (30 Lempiras), beers $2 (20 Lempiras), frozen drinks averaging $4 (80 Lempiras), and a varied menu; all key components for luring this mixed group of vacationers in for a lengthy restaurant stay.  I don’t actually remember what I had to eat that evening, but I do remember savoring a ‘Monkey La La’ for desert, while watching a group of grown men debate which umbrella drink they liked best.  Needless to say, fun ensued…

Buccaneer's Bundu Cafe Menu

Buccaneer’s Bundu Cafe (in my eyes) is more of a pirates diner for all occasions, easily doubling as one of the best sports viewing spaces on the island of Utila. Known by locals and scuba divers as the restaurant of choice for being consistently open from 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week, Buccaneer’s is a friend to the thirsty and famished. Go early to play my favorite breakfast game: Who’s waking up & Who’s going to bed? Always a classic.

Now on my third visit to Utila, I’ve really had a chance to get comfy in this restaurant. From packed days during Semana Santa, when every table is covered in fish bowl glasses of blended drinks, to quiet rainy days when it’s all single diners working from their laptops.

Buccaneer's Restaurant in Utila

I’m a fan of going to Buccaneers Bundu Cafe for a mid-morning breakfast with fresh Honduran coffee, and their exceptionally decent Wi-Fi. During breakfast hours there’s a city diner feel, like a greasy spoon has leapt through some kind of sitcom wormhole, transforming into its Caribbean self.  Bamboo replaces steel, but my sunny side-up eggs are just the runny way I like them.

Buccaneer’s Bundu Cafe Menu Items

Buccaneer's - Bundu Cafe's Utila Breakfast

Diver’s Delight Breakfast: 2 eggs (any style), fruit cup, home fries, toast & jam. Plus 1 cup of coffee = $5.50

I went to Buccaneer’s for a breakfast meeting once, and ended up staying for lunch as well.  That’s when I was introduced to the list of 10 specialty sauces!!! Worthy of three exclamation marks are the Creamy Jalapeno, Pineapple Rum BBQ, and the Ginger Orange BBQ on fresh grilled fish of the day with side options of rice, baked potato, mashed potato, fries, salad, or mixed vegetables.  I’m just making myself hungry now.

Buccaneers Restaurant Utila

Photo Credit: Ana Cristina Rodriguez Calderon


Buccaneer's Utila Breakfast Burrito

Buccaneer’s Breakfast Burrito with Sausage.

Bundu Cafe's Utila French Toast

Bundu Cafe’s Stuffed (apples & cinnamon) French Toast

Besides the many beverage and food options, the floor plan plays a big part in making this an appealing venue for sports fans. I don’t watch many events, but when I do, I want to be comfortable, in a booth, with a view of the TV; ready to eat my nachos, slurp my frozen drink, and ask dumb sports questions in peace, while still having the option to yell the occasional profanity.  The layout works well for this, with booths lining the outer perimeter of the deck, smaller tables in the center positioned by planters, all facing four flat screen TV’s. The large indoor seating area also has a flat screen, even bigger booths, a pool table, and a library.

Buccaneer's Flat Screen TVs

Buccaneer’s has 5 Flat Screen TVs

Fronted by an extended open-air wooden deck and bar, gardens grow on one side; the other side offers a perfect street view, ideal for people watching.  Buccaneer’s Utila daily specials are ever changing, while the permanent menu items include: all the basic-breakfast favorites (with island-themed names like “Divers Delight” and the “Two Tank”), burgers, pasta, local fish, seafood, chicken dinners, sub sandwiches, salads, nachos, enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, Rum & Peach BBQ Pork Chop…

I can’t say the service is always speedy, and there was that one time they ran out of jam for my toast — but I can say the service is always friendly, and they offered to buy jam at the store across the street.  Buccaneer’s has proven itself a reliable fixture on the island of Utila, with the best Honduran coffee to be had, straight up or spiked.  Don’t like coffee (weirdo)? They can whip you up a fresh fruit Copa Banana the perfect wake-up smoothie. Whatever you want to call this place, Buccaneer’s Bundu Cafe Pirates Diner Sports Bar(?) it’s worth a stop in.

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