Bay Islands Scuba Diving

The Bay Islands are a little known area of the Caribbean, but a classic location for recreational scuba diving. The Bay Islands are steadily gaining recognition with the world-wide diving establishment and it is no wonder; with whale sharks, seafans, and the second largest barrier reef in the world, scuba divers are kept in awe, while non-divers can enjoy a dolphin encounter, jungle canopy zipline, and unspoiled beaches.

Honduras Underwater Coral

Honduras Underwater Coral

Sound inviting? Scuba Diving Magazine readers happen to agree. The Bay Islands was repeatedly seen in their 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards for the Atlantic & Caribbean Region. To be more precise, the Bay Islands was noted in the top five for Best Destination Overall (diving, topside adventure, nightlife, etc.), number two for the Best Big Animals (whale sharks are popular), and the list continues. The Bay Islands rated well for Best Wall Diving, Best Macro, and Best Beginner Diving as well. One of the Bay Islands even achieved mentions in The 2012 Top 100 Gold List, with a showcasing for The Best Dive Site, and The Best 24/7 Dive Destination.

Bay Island DIving

Bay Islands – Honduras Diving

The appeal of the Caribbean Bay Islands may be that they contain more than just fabulous scuba diving. The addition of entertaining things to do for land dwellers seals the deal. The year-round temperatures in the Bay Islands averages the mid-80s, which is perfect for both scuba diving and above water outings. Divers across the world make note: the Utila Dive Festival is approaching on June 22nd to 28th 2013 . This is the time to catch a glimpse of what Bay Islands diving is all about. With party events, a ‘taste of’ food fair, and sponsors who have committed over $7000 in prizes, there is never a better time to see the Bay Islands of Honduras.

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