Water Please?

Faviole looks up at me with her big chestnut eyes. “¿Quiere usted un poco de agua?” I smile sympathetically, “No comprendo . . . lo siento,” while gesturing to tell her that I am sorry, but I don’t understand her. She laughs, used to this response, and mimes for me to come with her. At […]

Friends, Family, and Fish

Friends, Family, and Fish

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Honduras during Semana Santa, do as the Hondurans do: go to the beach, spend time with friends and family and eat fish. Last week for Semana Santa, I did all three. Semana Santa, otherwise known as Holy Week, begins on what is commonly known as […]

Bay Islands Honduras a destination of choice for divers

Bay Islands Honduras a destination of choice for divers

I was a little worried as the young man lifted me up and hooked my harness to the cable. He smiled and warned me not to crash in to any trees. He then let me go and all at once I was flying through the treetops at Gumba Limba Park in Roatan, Honduras. I really […]

Roatan – An island of Wonders

Roatan Island in Honduras is more than just a geographic location. It’s a state of mind. On your worst days when you fantasize about escaping to a movie-set-perfect tropical island, Roatan would do nicely. Still largely undeveloped for tourism, it’s a laid-back, pristine, breathtaking speck of Earth that attracts backpackers, divers and, increasingly, mainstream Americans […]

North Coast Highway

Atlántida has one main highway that is the primary transportation and economic corridor along the north coast; this highway runs from east to west and transects the entire length of the department. South of the highway, after the piñeras (pineapple plantations) and African palm plantations, the land climbs up into the mountains that run like […]

Visiting La Muralla, Olancho in Honduras

If you want to visit a cloud forest while trekking through Central America, hopefully you’ll check out Parque Nacional La Muralla in Olancho, Honduras. This park has one of the better infrastructures in Honduras, allowing visitors the opportunity to experience the beauty and richness of Honduran tropical forests. When you arrive in La Union, the […]