Honduras is Affordable!

As the U.S. Dollar takes a pounding in some countries, Central Americans are still loving the greenbacks. Promoting these “third-world” destinations is daunting – but do-able. The advertising slogans concocted by many tourism boards sound forced and downright silly, but one that Honduras espouses in some of its materials is simple and rings true: “One […]

A Walk Across the Border

Finally, after setting out in February to take on Central America, I have made it to my second country in the region – albeit only 10 minutes from the Guatemalan border. A very simple stroll between two gates took care of immigration. Though at least they looked at my passport, unlike the Mexicans. Copan is […]

Upcoming Yoga Retreat in Copan

At luxury hotels, there’s something of a formula: the latest electronic gadgets, check. Personalized service, check. Luxurious linens, lovely room design, delicious food, check, check check. Maybe I’m jaded, but doesn’t it get a little same-old, same-old after a while? What’s really rare is a place that provides true luxury outside this conventional mold — […]

Luxury Trip or Budgeted Escape – try Honduras!

Luxury Trip or Budgeted Escape – try Honduras!

Exploring Mayan ruins. Day-long hikes through ancient rainforests. If you love activity-based, cultural travel, the country of Honduras is for you. Even with the current state of the economy, Honduras is a quick and affordable get-away– one that feeds your soul and eases your mind… Budget Traveler (4-6 Days) You fly into San Pedro Sula […]

No Guts, No Glory

No Guts, No Glory

The commercial fish farm Aquafinca Saint Peter Fish, S.A. de C.V., in El Borboton, Honduras, is using fish guts – heads, skins, and internal organs – to produce biodiesel.

Mayans in Honduras

Where did they come from? Where did they go, and why did they leave? These are the fundamental questions that have perplexed archeological scholars regarding the Mayan civilizations of Central America. We booked a trip with Overseas Adventure Travel for February of 2009 to explore the most significant Mayan ruins in four countries: El Salvador, […]

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