yet another Puchica

Puchica, it has been too long but I feel we can not leave Lady Puchica washed up and her story untold.  I will see how my memory does and hopefully Jeremy and Dave will add their recollections as the fiberglass resin clears from their heads.  So I immediately return to hot steamy days in the […]

Lady Puchica

Lady Puchica

  Last night, it was made official, we christening our fair lady-Lady Puchica. Many of our good friends were made it out to the La Ceiba Shipyard for a little party. It was great to see all those who have helped us make Lady Puchica sail. We’ll have her in the water today for those […]

Jeremy’s Birthday

Jeremy’s 29th birthday did not leave breaking from our ‘the day after next we can get the boat in the water’ goal.  We spent the day glassing the sides of the boat.  As most things involved in constructed a boat, I had no idea how much fiberglass work would have to be done.  It is sticky […]