YMCA Educating People in the Country of Honduras

YMCA Educating People in the Country of Honduras

Inspiring Volunteers YMCAs Come Together The YMCA in Honduras and the Humber Community YMCA may seem a world apart, but Salvadore Bautista believes an agreement signed between the parties will strengthen both. Bautista is a volunteer with the Honduras YMCA who is on a tour of Atlantic Canada signing the agreement. Through an interpreter, he […]

Family Mission to Honduras for Veterinary Work

Family Mission to Honduras for Veterinary Work

Inspiring Volunteers Northern Wisconsin winters can be long and cold. Many of us long for warmer weather, but most of us don’t pack up and head for Honduras. The Pederson family of Spooner — Dr. Allen and his wife Ann, and their children Jennifer, Lisa, Scott and Daniel — have been planning such a trip […]

Dentists Volunteer Dental Care in Honduras

Dentists Volunteer Dental Care in Honduras

Inspiring Volunteers Spreading Smiles Through Honduras They wait for hours to see him. Dr. William Lord is a Georgetown dentist who spends 10 days every spring treating patients in Honduras. He travels with dentists, nurses, doctors and home builders to Honduras to help a people who will walk for as long as five hours in […]

Honduras Recovers Jaws Incrusted with Jade

The Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH) received two jaws with incrustations of jade and iron pyrite that belonged to the Mayan Indians. The pieces where recovered in Holland, and where then given to the IHAH manager by the Honduran sub-secretary of Foreign Affairs. The representative from the IHAH in Tegucigalpa said the pieces […]

Copán Ruinas, Part II

By Arturo Sosa for La Prensa In the evenings, when the low sun and the wind appears soft, it is nice to sit under the giant trees in front of the Staircase of the Hieroglyphics in Copan and dream for a moment with the lives and works of those who built this great city. Lovers […]

Copán Ruinas, part I

By Arturo Sosa for La Prensa On July 9th of 695 A.D, when Conejo 18th, the thirteenth governor took over the kingdom of Copan over, the city started to stand out as a beautiful jewel among de Mayan civilization. Seventeen kings marked the period of gold in Copan and thanks to them, but especially thanks […]

Expert Weavers

Very few textiles from the Mayan culture have survived, so the treasure trove of fabrics excavated from a tomb at the Copán ruins in Honduras has generated considerable excitement. Textiles conservator Margaret Ordoñez, a professor at the University of Rhode Island, spent a month at the site examining 100 textile samples found in a tomb, […]

Maya’s Used “Glitter” Paint for Temples

According to scientist studies, the Mayas painted some of their ornate temples with mica which is a glittery mineral to make them sparkle in the sun. They have taken flakes of paint from the Rosalila temple in Copán, Honduras, and discovered traces of the shiny mineral in the analysis. This particular temple was built in […]

Researches Learn from Infrared Technology

Ancient Maya rulers knew a thing or two about pizzazz. Some 1,500 years later, we still marvel at the stone temples they built. Now, according new findings, we have even more to marvel at. The temples – known today for their massive size, shape and astronomical alignment – once literally dazzled in daylight. Rosemary Goodall, […]