Whales Arrive in Guanaja

On the beach near El Soldado, Guanaja, eight whales, deep black in color, arrived by surprise. A group of experts traveled to the area to observe the appearance and condition of the whales.

Mayan Wonders of Copan

Honduras is not always the first destination that appears on a backpacking itinerary, but it is a country that has huge variety and offers great value. From paradise beaches to historic sites there is a great range of activities for the backpacker to sink their teeth into. Copan spans a couple of categories, offering fantastic […]

Honduras Requests New Denominations

Congressman Jose Azcona presented a draft decree before the full Congress aimed at creating a one thousand lempira bill to ease making these payments. He also proposed in the same decree, to replace the one, two and five lempira bills with coins.

Recent Tourist Comments on Copan Ruins

I am so glad I came here. Copan has had 16 rulers and they have left an impressive legacy of carvings which have been preserved in astonishing condition, partly because the stone quality here allowed for three dimensional carvings. The hieroglyphs found here have contributed majorly to deciphering the Maya alphabet. They mostly depict the […]

Honduras Advances to the World Cup

The Honduras win over El Salvador has gained them a place in the 2010 World Cup! Honduras – 1 : El Salvador – 0 Congratulations Seleccion, Congratulations Honduras!!!! Here are the Current Live, Upcoming Previews, and Historic Reference of Honduras soccer matches covered by Honduras.com

Honduras Prepares for Elections

In an estimated period of eight days, the RNP plans to manufacture 125 thousand identity cards that correspond to first-time voters. There are approximately 612 thousand new voters requiring the cards in time for the election.

Honduras Mission Trip On

Honduras Mission Trip On

Each day, the team will travel by bus to a different village where a medical clinic for children and adults has been set up. Hondurans who need continuing medical care can receive treatment and stay for up to several weeks.

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