Rigging For Tropical Waves

After an exhausting day of finishing touches, scorching sun and general frustration, Lady Puchica pulled away from the dock for a sunset cruze. Due to gail strengh winds, 7-10 ft seas and 6 passengers the sail was wasn’t raised. The seas were not a problem for Puchica’s sturdy hull, but she did break her motor […]

Test #1 – Motoring

It is late in the afternoon, later then desired as always, and we are preparing our vessel for the water. We have given up testing the sail today and settled on a motor and water test in the harbour. Gathered at the La Ceiba Shipyards with us are several friends whos opinions of us vary […]

The day after Canada day

Canada day was long! The start of the month meant we needed to be out of our house. We had set the goal of finishing all carpentry work so the boat could go to our fibreglass friend’s shop. After the 3 consecutive 16 hour days of work session we still were not finished. Fortunately our […]

In search of Cayucos

As it appears that building a main hull from scratch will take too long and cost a lot, I have been searching for Cayucos to use as a base. A cayuco is essentially a dug-out canoe that varies in length, type of tree and quality. After searching extensively for along the coast near Ceiba I […]

The Begining of Our Sailing Adventure

Why are some humans cast on a life of adventure; cursed with a desire to explore, experience and exceed? We, three so cursed friends are embarking on a new adventure. It is not the rare or challenging route that we are taking, but the method of travel that has raised more then a few eyebrows. […]