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Honduras.com has been dedicated to providing information about the country of Honduras C.A. since 1996. Honduras is predominately a Spanish speaking country, and a vast majority of online information is therefore in the Spanish language. This can make it difficult for non-Spanish speakers to get to know about this amazing country. We present our content in the (almost universal) English language, in an effort to educate the world about the relevance of Honduras, be it for travel, business, or for environmental studies.

We welcome your comments, and appreciate any suggestions you may have on how we can improve the website to include information you would like to know about the country of Honduras.

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CANATURH (Camara Nacional de Turismo de Honduras C.A.)
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    Through the years, Honduras.com has employed, and received volunteer efforts from, many individuals who’ve shared our vision of providing information about Honduras to the world.
    This is a collaborative effort that continues to evolve as Honduras.com enjoys its 16th year on the net. If you wish to be a contributor and help continue to build the most complete resource for the country of Honduras please do not hesitate to contact us at webmaster @ honduras.com

15 Years of Honduras.com

December, 2013
by O Ma R

Honduras.com is celebrating 15 years. This is a big deal in an Internet world where the modus operandi of most sites is not to generate new content on a consistent basis and within five years, the site eventually dies off due to loss of traffic. Honduras.com consistently has provided interesting new content for throughout its history, and therefore its traffic has grown consistently over the years.

Fantasy Politics has been a powerhouse source for Honduran political commentary ever since it was first published 15 years ago. In 1998, we successfully predicted the future outcome of the 2002 presidential election. Three and a half years before the actual elections, we correctly indicated the future president would be one of two named individuals. One of the two individuals, Dr. Cesar Castellanos, perished in a helicopter accident while campaigning; whereas the other individual, Ricardo Maduro, did win the election. This original analysis included short, concise summaries of potential presidential candidates that were sometimes quite scathing but always spot on target. I also included an in depth analysis of Honduran women whom I considered to be up and coming people to watch, and am proud to report that these individuals also have become powerful movers and shakers in Honduran politics. It is quite a tribute and honor that the primary editorial successor (OmAr Jr.) has incorporated my pseudonym in his personal on line screen name. In essence, Fantasy Politics has grown from a simple idea to become a dynamic outlet of diverse Honduran political ideas and analyses in which all ideologies are welcome to participate in its ever evolving political, social, and economic commentaries regarding Honduras.

As the former webmaster, I was directly responsible for the website’s initial launch of news and content, which included the Hurricane Mitch crisis. The entire organization of Honduras.com is extremely proud of the website’s strategy and relief assistance provided during Hurricane Mitch. The website developed breakthrough innovative techniques during the crisis that have become main stream techniques that are still used today. We volunteered our services to the Municipality of San Pedro Sula (SPS) and installed our hardware in the second floor of the local command headquarters located in a firehouse. We obtained periodic information from multiple sources (especially the US government entity NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and provided this information in a timely manner to the Mayor of SPS and his team. They were able to use this information to determine the best way to deploy their emergency and relief resources. It is a testament to our innovative strategy that a scant few months after the storm passed, COPECO and the same Municipality of SPS teamed up together and created an office that mimicked our strategy. Today this same office is still functioning and used to identify and track harsh weather conditions, and subsequently generate the same kind of news breaking information that is used for decision making.

Honduras.com actively reported numerous unique events concerning Hurricane Mitch and provided graphic photographs throughout the entire crisis. Since we were already in Honduras when the storm struck, we were able to scoop the big news agencies by producing timely information that was immediately available worldwide. For example, a story emerged from a French news source indicating that the initial estimates of people who died from the hurricane had been vastly overstated by the government. We had reported the exact same information based on our sources about a week prior to this so-called news breaking revelation. Although we were based within the country, Honduras.com reported the news from a global perspective, which oftentimes put us at odds with the local media.

During a press conference held by the top brass of Chiquita Brands and its CEO (who came down to the region to access the damage and determine an appropriate action plan), the local press kept antagonistically badgering the attendees with questions about using the tragedy to allegedly bust the local union. Our questions focused on the organization’s relief efforts, whether they were going to use the Great White Fleet to carry much needed supplies. It is interesting to note that the executives dodged the local media’s attacks, and provided long, detailed responses to our questions. Of course, the subsequent reporting by the local media focused on the labor union impact, whereas Honduras.com was able to provide insightful, comprehensive reporting to its readers about how Chiquita Brands was planning to help the nation rebuild and not charge any transportation fees for relief containers.
honduras-com-donationsBy far, the crowning achievement of Honduras.com’s diverse relief activities during the Hurricane Mitch crisis was official recognition by the local Rotary. The acting President of Honduras.com was invited to a special ceremony where he was honored, and Honduras.com received recognition for our invaluable contributions to Honduras during the crisis. The Rotary thanked Honduras.com for $50,000 worth of donations made to the Rotary by Honduras.com and its audience.

Finally, Honduras.com is not just a source of political, social and economic commentary regarding Honduras, but also has become a go-to source for a myriad of diverse information concerning this wonderful country. Other areas that have been spotlighted include the Ruth Paz Foundation, the agricultural investigative entity, FHIA, and the recording studio of Costa Norte Records. All of these organizations have generated positive international recognition concerning the nation and its vibrant culture. The Ruth Paz foundation is a charity organization that provides much needed assistance to citizens with diverse health needs. One of its primary concerns is helping poor children who are burn victims obtain their desperately needed proper medical care. FHIA has been investigating diverse cutting edge agricultural issues and has developed a strain of bananas that is resistant to the Sigatoka plague, which has greatly enhanced local crop yields. The power of Honduras.com once was acknowledged by a FHIA executive when he privately expressed to me how their Internet presence unexpectedly grew exponentially after working with us. Their hits went from a scant few weekly inquiries to hits numbering in the hundreds within a relatively short period of time. Costa Norte Records is an independent recording studio that has released a myriad of CDs from internationally acclaimed musicians. These artists include the fantastic solo artist Guillermo Anderson, and the rock groups of KHAOS and KHAOTICOS, amongst many others. It should be noted that Costa Norte Records’ Internet recognition and fame also skyrocketed during the initial years they were promoted by Honduras.comCANATURH

Thanks to its readers, Honduras.com has continued to grow, and its editors actively welcome all contributions of essays and photographs that positively illuminate the great country of Honduras.

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